Prices: German Editing and Copy Editing

If you want to make sure that your text contains no errors (spelling, grammar and punctuation) or unintelligible wording, choose copy editing.

Editing adds a more comprehensive check for general structure, appropriate and consistent language, compelling and coherent arguments, as well as adherence to form and the fitting tone for your target audience.

All prices per page:

    • Essay/Term Paper: 1.70 € Copy Editing, 2.40 € Editing, Consulting: 17 € per hour

    • B.A. Thesis: 2.20 € Copy Editing, 2.90 € Editing, Consulting: 17 € per hour

    • M.A. Thesis: 2.20 € Copy Editing, 3.20 € Editing, Consulting: 20 € per hour

    • PhD Thesis/Dissertation: 2.50 € Copy Editing, 3.50 € Editing

    • Layout and Formatting: Available on request, price depends on the extent of layout changes

Express Orders: Price on request depending on volume and desired deadline

Consulting: For additional support during the writing process, the search for an appropriate topic, formatting help or general guidelines, consider adding my consulting service. This includes an overview or revision of academic standards including common errors, evaluation of sources, overcoming writer’s block and creating a realistic work schedule. This service can be booked by the hour and is geared towards your needs: In person (if feasible, depending on location), by phone, e-mail, Skype, or any other form of communication you prefer.

Please note: Since editing is above all a matter of trust, I offer a free trial before you place your first order. Just send me a page of your text to be edited or copy edited.